POET Funds Starch-to-Ethanol Program

A research collaboration with Iowa State University into starch for ethanol production is receiving funds from POET. The company is hoping the research will lead to improvements in the efficiency of its patent-pending BPX process.

ISU researcher Jay-Lin Jane is hoping to find starches that can be used to produce ethanol using BPX. BPX is a raw starch hydrolysis that converts starch to sugar and then ferments to ethanol without the use of heat. BPX is used in 20 of POET’s 22 ethanol production facilities where its benefits include reduced energy costs, increased ethanol yields, increased nutrient quality in the feed co-products and decreased plant emissions.

“Our collaboration with Dr. Jay Lin Jane is intended to extend the performance of our patent-pending BPX process to provide a greater yield of ethanol per bushel of corn without the need for cooking,” said Dr. Mark Stowers, vice president of research and development at POET. “By understanding the starch structure and methods of processing starch, we expect to be able to target further increases in ethanol yield per bushel, reductions in energy required and improvements to the quality of distillers grains.”

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