POET Continues on Path To Cellulosic Ethanol Production

Ethanol manufacturer, POET announced that it is ready to begin conducting research – for the third year in a row — on harvest technologies in corn fields near Navasota TX. The company right now uses corn cobs and light stover to produce cellulosic ethanol at a pilot plant in Scotland, S.D.

Poet will commercialize the cellulosic ethanol production process for what it has called Project LIBERTY in Emmetsburg, Iowa in early 2012.

The aim of the research that will begin this week is to learn more about biomass collection for cellulosic ethanol production. Researchers will monitor the biomass going through the combine during grain harvest and compare it to what is later baled for use in ethanol production, according to the company. Then POET will analyze the composition and moisture content of the bales with a goal of learning how to get the maximum amount of cobs in each bale.

This is the third year POET will harvest in Texas, which begins the harvest earlier in the year than other parts of the country.


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