Pickens’ Plan and California’s Proposition 10; Auctioning Environmental Commodities

T. Boone Pickens has a plan — but is it the correct plan for the nation? This November, Californians will have the opportunity to vote on an initiative that could be the first step down Pickens’ path toward greater reliance on natural gas for transportation fuel. But this week’s guest says that the initiative, known as Proposition 10, is flawed and could negatively impact renewable energy in California.

We’ll speak with Tony Rubenstein, a Los Angeles-based consultant on clean technologies and corporate social responsibility, about why Proposition 10 is not good for the state’s budget or its burgeoning renewable energy market.

Then we’ll talk to Phil Adams, CEO of World Energy, about the role of online auctioning of allowances in greenhouse gas emissions reduction programs. He’ll tell us why he believes the auctioning platform allows for more efficient and transparent transactions over bid-ask exchanges and broker-based models.

Finally, correspondent Mark Braly has some interviews on the promotion of mustard-seed biodiesel for city and regional vehicle fleets in California.

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