Philippines Wants More Green Power from the Forces of Nature

The government of The Philippines is on a mission to get overseas investors to help the country harness more geothermal power, which already provides one quarter of the country’s energy needs.

SINGAPORE, SG, 2001-10-12 [] Situated on the Pacific’s volcanic ‘ring of fire,’ the islands have a current installed capacity of 1,931 megawatts, making it the second largest generator from geothermal after the United States. The potential for wind energy is 70,000 MW, says energy secretary Vincent Perez, speaking to Singapore investors. A US$54 million windfarm of 56 to 750 kilowatt turbines currently is under construction in the northern province of Ilocos Norte, and is receiving Japanese development aid. The privatization of the government’s National Power Corp. is another opportunity for investment, with plans to offer investment in transmission and generation facilities separately. Perez says power transmission facilities will opened to single bids with a monopoly to be supervised by an energy regulatory body but the generation facilities can be offered to investors in separate parcels, ranging from 250 to 1,000 MW.
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