Perspectives: Recognition: Giving and Getting

I am a proponent of public recognition. If an individual, organization or industry has done well or gone above and beyond the “call of duty,” acknowledgment is in order. I believe we are too quick to criticize and complain and too slow to compliment and congratulate.

During the upcoming HydroVision International 2012 conference and exhibition in Louisville, Ky., in July, PennWell will recognize hydro professionals and projects in two special ways:

Hydro Hall of Fame induction

The 2012 inductees into the Hydro Hall of Fame will be unveiled at the event’s Closing Luncheon on Friday, July 20. The Hall of Fame, created in 1995, recognizes hydro achievement throughout North America, with a special emphasis on long-lasting facilities. To date, 30 projects have been inducted.

For the editors of Hydro Review, the opportunity to uncover these projects’ amazing histories and to share the determination and tenacity of their developers is a highlight of the year.

Attendees’ Choice Awards and Technical Papers of the Year Awards

At this same luncheon, HydroVision International will, for the first time, recognize excellence in conference content. Two types of awards will be given: Attendees’ Choice, for the best panel discussions each day, as decided by conference delegates; and Best Technical Papers in five categories, as determined by the Technical Papers Conference Committee (see page 80 of this magazine for more details).

The HydroVision International conference is massive. The presentation of 70 sessions and three poster galleries in three days … and the more than 400 program participants from 26 countries … makes it the largest hydro conference in the world – by far. The collective intellectual capacity of the contributors to this conference is equally massive. It’s high time to recognize this and honor “the best of the best.”

Recognizing those who serve

Also at HydroVision International, PennWell will display a very unique form of recognition: a Wall of Honor. The wall pays tribute to military service personnel, past and present, around the world. It displays the branch, company and name of each person honored.

Several hydro companies and individuals are sponsors of the Wall. Sponsorship involves making a $245 donation. All donations are given to Blue Star Mothers of America Inc., a non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian veterans service organization. To sign up to sponsor the wall, contact Kay Dickerson, (1) 918-832-9360, e-mail:

Honoring military service men and women touches me personally. Both my father and father-in-law served in the U.S. military. Three of my nephews serve their country today. I can’t think of a more noble gesture to recognize those who have served and sacrificed. Please visit to learn more about this Wall of Honor and how you can contribute names and donate.

Getting recognition … at long last

With regard to recognition, I don’t think hydro gets enough of it from policy-makers, decision-makers or the public. However, that deficit may be changing. An example: I recently participated in the Canadian Hydropower Association’s 2012 Annual Forum, where many of the high-level speakers from outside the hydro industry offered accolades to the industry and to the resource:

“Hydropower is the original renewable.”

“Hydro is a nice dancing partner with wind and solar.”

“I’ll take a clean hydro project over a dirty coal project any time.”

It seems hydro … at last … may be getting the recognition it deserves.

Marla J. Barnes
Publisher and Chief Editor

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