Pepco Energy Opens 5-MW Landfill Plant

IESI Bethlehem Landfill and Pepco Energy Services have opened a new 5-megawatt (MW) landfill gas powered energy plant. The plant is owned and operated by Pepco Energy Services subsidiary Bethlehem Renewable Energy LLC and is fueled by methane generated by landfill decomposition.

According Pepco Energy Services, the nominal 5-MW landfill gas-powered energy plant eliminates the need for 140 railcars of coal per year, and up to 73 tons of carbon dioxide emissions from burning this amount of coal in a conventional power plant.

“In 2004, we began researching technologies to put this renewable resource [landfill gas] to work. The Bethlehem Renewable Energy Project does more than provide a valuable commodity to our community, it also benefits the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and coal consumption [from traditional electric plants],” said Sam Donato District Manager of IESI Bethlehem.

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