Pennsylvania Governor Announces $31.4 M for Clean Energy

Earlier this week Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell made $31.4 million available in grants to help businesses and organizations develop clean energy and alternative fuel projects.

The grants will be funded through Pennsylvania’s alternative energy development programs — up to $16.4 million through the Alternative Fuels Incentive Grants program, including $10 million through the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority and $5 million in Energy Harvest grants. The three alternative energy programs have begun accepting grant applications, which are due on June 15. “Over the past four years, Pennsylvania has become a world leader in the development of new, clean sources of energy and fuels through strategic investments and policies that foster innovation and attract substantial international investment,” Governor Rendell said. “Today, we are building on that foundation, providing $31.4 million in new grant opportunities for the development of clean-burning alternative fuels and renewable energy sources.” By supporting conservation and the production of renewable energy sources, Governor Rendell’s Energy Independence Strategy will save consumers money by lowering demand for electricity from traditional power plants during periods of peak demand and it will help reduce the need to build costly new power plants, or long-distance transmission lines, to meet Pennsylvania’s growing energy needs.


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