Pennsylvania DEP Secretary Says RPS Is Great for Business, RE Insider Scott Sklar Takes the Pulse of the American People

Meeting an ambitious Renewable Portfolio Standard is good for the environment and a positive step toward preserving the planet. It’s also good for business. On that basis, the state of Pennsylvania has passed an 18% RPS, to be achieved by 2020. In this week’s edition of “Inside Renewable Energy,” the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection , Kathleen McGinty, tells us why statewide development of renewable energy and renewable energy businesses will provide a lasting economic boost for the state.

The environmental benefits and advantages of energy independence are highly desirable, says McGinty, but the job creation and foreign investment that come with the state’s commitment to renewable energy are reason enough to set and meet the RPS. In this week’s podcast, we’ll hear from RE Insider Scott Sklar, whose Q&A column has covered an extensive range of renewable energy questions. Sklar analyzes the results of some recent polls to ascertain the general American attitude toward renewable energy. The majority of Americans want to see the country transition to cleaner, more sustainable power, says Sklar, but there is division on how best to reach that goal. More than ever, energy issues are an integral part of U.S. politics, says Sklar. As always, this week’s “Inside Renewable Energy” brings you the latest in renewable energy news.

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