Pelamis Wave Power Uses Virtual Modeling Software to Continue Development

Pelamis Wave Power will be using Dassualt Systemes SIMULIA brand software to further the development of its wave energy converters. The company will use Abaqus FEA software for initial concept analysis, general design work, and detailed functional analysis of its Wave Energy Converters.

Pelamis Wave Energy Converters (PWEC) are linked together into a “wave farm” on the ocean’s surface. Hydraulic rams resist the motion of the waves and pump hydraulic fluid through electricity-producing generators.

According to a press release, Pelamis’ engineers will use Abaqus’s extensive material modeling capabilities and incorporate data from hydraulic systems tests, electrical layouts and production assembly requirements, to make their Wave Energy Converters efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sound.

“Abaqus FEA software from SIMULIA is, by far, the best solution available to accelerate the evaluation and optimization of our product’s performance. It is a vital part of our development program as it enables us to perform highly focused, realistic performance studies on the sub-parts of our machines for stress, contact, and fatigue,” said Jon Benzie, senior engineer at Pelamis.
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