PC Connection Lauded for Efficiency Efforts

New Hampshire Gov. Jeanne Shaheen recently recognized PC Connection, Inc. for providing an outstanding example of how businesses can institute energy efficient and innovative conservation practices while cutting costs in the process.

Merrimack, New Hampshire – August 2, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] “I congratulate PC Connection for their successful energy-saving efforts,” said Shaheen. “By taking advantage of new energy-efficient technologies and products, PC Connection is cutting costs, protecting our environment, and consuming energy in a sensible, responsible manner.” Shaheen’s remarks came during a visit to the company’s Merrimack headquarters. The facility incorporates energy-saving measures that include a sophisticated lighting and ventilation system and extensive use of natural light. The building, formerly a shopping center, was completely rebuilt in 1998 as a state-of-the-art headquarters complex for PC Connection, a Fortune 1000 rapid-response supplier of IT solutions for business, government agencies, and educational institutions. The 113,400 square foot Merrimack facility uses a computer-managed system to adjust conditions in the building for maximum energy efficiency. The building “knows” when areas are unoccupied, adjusting lighting and temperature accordingly. The system, combined with other initiatives, results in increased energy efficiency. These measures reduce the cost of operating the building by an estimated 10 to 15 percent each year, said Robert A. Pratt, Director of Facilities. “It’s the right thing to do, and it’s also the cost-effective thing to do,” said Pratt, who collaborated on the design and oversaw the construction of the corporate headquarters. “It’s the responsible way to design a facility.” The Merrimack building also incorporates natural light through side windows and skylights that enhance light levels and reduce artificial lighting costs. The skylights are equipped with light-activated shades developed in part through a grant from Public Service Co. of New Hampshire, the company’s utility. The automated shades adjust intensity and glare during the day reducing heating costs in the winter as well as air conditioning costs in the summer. “PC Connection is honored to be recognized for our emphasis on energy efficiency and responsible environmental practices,” said Patricia Gallup, Chairman and Founder of the company, when introducing the Governor. “We’ve shown that such practices are good business. We hope this will encourage other companies to choose environmentally friendly practices and procedures whenever possible.” PC Connection has installed innovative energy management systems in other facilities. In the company’s warehouse and distribution center in Wilmington, Ohio, an air recirculation system keeps warm air from stagnating wastefully under the high ceilings during winter, and in the summer makes use of cool evening air to regulate interior temperatures. PC Connection also runs an aggressive recycling program in all its facilities in New Hampshire as well as in its facilities in Massachusetts, Maryland, and Ohio. Each year the program diverts a significant amount of cardboard and waste paper from landfills. (NASDAQ: PCCC)
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