Patent Awarded for RE-specific Turbine

International Automated Systems Inc. has been awarded a patent on its new technology, a Propulsion Turbine, which some experts believe will be a revolutionary solution to low-cost solar hydrogen fuel production and electrical power generation.

Salem, Utah – April 2, 2003 [] IAS has conducted many tests during the past two years at its own testing facilities, at a university laboratory and at various power plant facilities. According to the company, conservative numbers demonstrate remarkable advantages in areas of cost, maintenance, size, efficiency and versatility. IAS expects to deploy its new technology into the marketplace this year. IAS believes that for the first time, Renewable Energy such as thermal solar and geothermal will compete economically with fossil fuels. Utilizing these free and virtually unlimited sources of energy has previously been cost prohibitive. IAS’ technology can economically produce environmentally clean electricity, heat and cold air for homes and businesses, and clean hydrogen fuel for automobiles and fuel cells. The new turbine is small enough for many homes and businesses to house their own mini power plant. “Most valuable to the utilities, and to the state’s energy policy makers, are renewable generators that can ramp up to meet the peak electricity demand caused by use of air conditioning in the state’s hot summers,” said Matt Trask, an industry expert who is familiar with IAS’s new technology and is currently serving the California Energy Commission. “Thermal solar plants are ideal for this use, since they are most available right when they are needed the most: when the sun is shining brightly. This need will only become more urgent as the state continues to grow, and deadlines for the renewable power mandate become closer. As has been the experience many times in the past, the companies that are positioning themselves now to gain a piece of that market are the companies most likely to succeed when the market fully opens at the end of the decade.” “There are two unique features that give this turbine an unmatched versatility: its physical construction and its use of multiple-phase fluid,” said Jack Dean, president of The Hydrogen Renewable Energy Enterprise, LLC — a Hawaii-based company. “Use of this new Propulsion Turbine technology will offer many cost and energy saving opportunities for the people of Hawaii, and thus move Hawaii closer to a goal of energy self-sufficiency based upon Renewable Energy and hydrogen.”
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