Partnership to Develop Ethanol from Cellulosic Biomass

Broin and Novozymes will collaborate on the next steps needed to bring cost-effective ethanol derived from corn stover to market. The collaboration, an extension of the partnership between the two companies, enables Novozymes to put its biotechnology platform to work and for Broin to aim for commercialization.

Jeff Broin, CEO of Broin, said “The collaboration between Broin and Novozymes to commercialize ethanol from corn stover is a continuation of a tremendous partnership. Our previous collaboration to create raw starch hydrolyzing enzymes for our BPX process was highly successful. “The BPX process, when combined with Broin’s fractionation technology (BFrac), will provide the foundation for the biorefinery of the future,” he added. In 2004, Broin and Novozymes partnered in the development of a new enzyme for Broin’s BPX technology, a patent-pending raw starch hydrolysis process that converts starch to sugar, which then ferments to ethanol without heat. During the development phase, Broin obtained from Novozymes a sample of acid fungal amylase enzyme that became specific to the BPX process.


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