Parliament Members Back UK Solar PV Program

Over a hundred backbench members of English Parliament (MPs) have signed a Commons motion calling on the UK government to support a 100,000 solar photovoltaic (PV) roof program in the forthcoming Energy White Paper.

London, England – February 5, 2003 [] EDM 170, which to date has been supported by 70 Labour MPs, urges the government to “catch up” with the well-established solar PV programs in Germany and Japan, and to set a “realistic target” of “at least 20 percent of UK electricity needs to be met from renewable resources by 2020.” “This motion demonstrates the depth of support for Britain’s fledgling PV industry on the Labour backbenches,” said Jeremy Leggett, chief executive of Solar Century and a member of the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) Renewables Advisory Board. “The DTI’s own figures show that a 100,000 solar PV roof program in the UK could be delivered by a capital grant program averaging just £15 million (US$25 million) per year over ten years. This is literally a drop in the ocean in terms of total government spending. But it’s a vital investment that would help to create a truly world-class UK solar PV industry, with all of the jobs, exports and knowledge economy benefits that would bring to UK PLC.” “The German solar PV program has already delivered 50,000 solar PV roofs while the UK has to date seen only about 500 solar PV installations,” said Leggett. The German program shows what can be achieved if only governments have the political will to translate their pro-solar rhetoric into practical and properly funded programs of support.”
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