Pacific Ethanol Signs Deal for PDX System

Pursuit Dynamics has announced that it has signed an agreement with Pacific Ethanol, Inc. to install a full scale production version of its PDX Ethanol Reactor Tower at Pacific Ethanol’s facility in North East Oregon. According to Pursuit, the PDX bioethanol system achieved a 14 percent increase in bioethanol yield when compared to existing methods of production at a US-based pilot plant in December 2007 and reduced overall fermentation time by more than 20 percent.

Pursuit’s agreement with Pacific Ethanol has been structured so that both parties will work together during a 90 day trial period, followed by a 180 day optimization period, to confirm the mix of benefits previously demonstrated by the PDX technology. Pursuit Dynamics expects to ship the PDX bioethanol system in March 2008 and fit it at Pacific Ethanol’s Boardman, Oregon plant with the trial period commencing by June 2008. The Boardman plant has been operating since August 2007 and has the capacity to produce 40 million gallons of bioethanol annually.

“We are excited by the potential of this technology to further enhance the efficiency of our production facilities. Pacific Ethanol is committed to leading the industry with a cutting edge plant network and this is exactly the kind of step-change process to deliver heightened benefits to both our shareholders and the environment,” said Neil Koehler, CEO of Pacific Ethanol.

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