Ox Mountain Landfill Gas Project Begins Operation

One of the San Francisco Bay Area’s largest renewable energy projects, a landfill gas-to-energy station at Republic Services’ Ox Mountain Landfill in Half Moon Bay, began operation this week. Owned and operated by a subsidiary of Ameresco Inc., the landfill gas to energy plant will supply enough renewable energy to customers in Alameda and Palo Alto.

The landfill gas to energy plant captures the methane and turns it into electricity for use by residential and business customers. Converting landfill gas to energy prevents the release of greenhouse gases and creates electricity from a renewable, affordable source-reducing the need for power created from fossil fuels. The project at Ox Mountain Landfill was designed, built and is owned by Ameresco Inc.

“The Ox Mountain Landfill gas to energy project reduces carbon emissions by making electricity out of a resource that was previously just wasted,” said George Sakellaris, president of Ameresco. “It’s an ideal green energy solution.”

The Ox Mountain landfill has been in operation since 1976, and will continue accepting garbage for another 35 years. Landfill gas is created when organic waste in landfills decomposes, producing methane-the primary ingredient in natural gas and a greenhouse gas.

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