Organic Vineyard’s Solar Power Installation Built by groSolar

The Willamette Valley’s Sokol Blosser Winery has a new source of renewable energy: an array of 144 solar panels has been built and installed by groSolar, a national solar energy firm with new Oregon operations.

Susan Sokol Blosser, president of the winery, said, “We’ve been attracted to the clean energy produced by solar panels for years now, and they’ve recently become very affordable through incentives from the Energy Trust of Oregon and other state and federal organizations. Our hope for next year is to generate enough solar energy to cover one third of our needs.” Sokol Blosser’s commitment to installing the source of renewable energy was assisted by a 30 percent federal tax credit, a 35 percent Oregon Business Energy Tax Credit and an Energy Trust cash incentive, which is available to Oregon customers of Portland General Electric and Pacific Power. “We at groSolar provided specific local expertise based on our national experience to help them realize their dreams — and the results are outstanding,” said Alan Hickenbottom, groSolar northwest regional director. In addition to the solar panels, Sokol Blosser also uses energy generated by wind power and fuels its vineyard tractors with biodiesel.

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