Oregon Governor Signs Biofuels Bill into Law

Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski signed H.B. 2210, referred to as the Biofuels Bill, earlier this week. The new legislation becomes law as the City of Portland’s Renewable Fuels Standard for 5% biodiesel and 10% ethanol commences on July 1st. The Biofuels Bill creates a statewide Renewable Fuels Standard, which requires the addition of 10% ethanol to all on-road gasoline, and 2% biodiesel to all on-road diesel triggered by set volumes of in-state production of each fuel. The RFS will quadruple the market for biodiesel in Oregon and will expand the ethanol market by more than five fold. The bill also establishes tax credits for Oregon agricultural and forestry producers who send their raw materials to certified biofuels production facilities in Oregon and establishes individual tax credits for drivers who use high blends of biodiesel and bioethanol in their vehicles.
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