Oregon Energy Trust Boosts Incentives for Commercial Solar Systems

New, higher cash incentives from Energy Trust of Oregon for commercial solar electric systems support photovoltaic (PV) systems up to 50 kilowatts in size, and the maximum incentive has been increased to $70,000.

“Solar energy is more than a good thing for Oregon’s environment. It’s a good, solid business decision for Oregon companies,” said Kacia Brockman, solar programs manager, Energy Trust. “By combining Energy Trust incentives with Oregon Business Energy Tax Credits, the Federal Investment Tax Credits and an accelerated depreciation schedule, businesses can take a big step toward reducing their energy costs while creating more clean energy for Oregon.” Energy Trust cash incentives for solar electric systems are calculated based on the size of the installation, measured in kilowatts of solar generating capacity. Businesses are welcome to install systems larger than 50 kilowatts (kW), but the incentive is capped at 50 kW. All systems receiving Energy Trust incentives are net-metered to the local utility grid, so owners receive a credit for power they generate but don’t consume. Solar electric systems may also qualify for state and federal tax credit programs, including the Oregon Business Energy Tax Credit, which is equal to 35 percent of eligible system cost; the federal investment tax credit, which is equal to 30 percent of installed system cost; and the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System, which allows businesses to recover investment in solar systems through rapid depreciation deductions on federal tax returns.
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