Ontario’s 67.5 MW Wind Power Project Under Way

With five turbines already erected at the Melancthon Grey Wind Project, Canadian Hydro Developers officially start construction of its $120 million wind facility using 45 GE wind turbines, each rated at 1.5 MW for a total capacity of 67.5 MW.

Located in the townships of Melancthon and Grey Highlands near Shelburne in Southern Ontario, the wind facility will generate enough green power to supply more than 20,000 households each year. Completion is expected in early 2006. With a generation portfolio diversified across three technologies (wind power, water power and biomass) in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, Canadian Hydro’s 17 low impact renewable energy power plants have a total net installed capacity of 162 MW. All of the company’s facilities are either certified, or slated for certification, under Environment Canada’s EcoLogo program.
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