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Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is introducing Ontario’s first full line of environmentally friendly electricity products to be sold under the Evergreen(TM) name.

TORONTO, Ontario 2002-03-07 [SolarAccess.com]   “We are launching our Evergreen products in anticipation of strong consumer demand once the Ontario electricity market opens to competition on May 1,” said Graham Brown, OPG’s Chief Operating Officer. “Customers are telling us they want the option of buying green electricity. Our products give customers a convenient way to purchase environmentally friendly electricity. It’s good for business, and it’s certainly good for the environment.”   Green Power refers to low-environmental-impact electricity generated using clean, Renewable Energy resources such as wind, solar, biomass, and low-impact hydroelectric facilities. All Green Power sources used to supply OPG’s new Evergreen friendly products are certified under the Federal Government’s EcoLogo(M) program.   OPG does not directly supply residential electricity customers. However, OPG’s Evergreen products will provide energy resellers with a certified and reliable source to meet demand from residential and small-business customers for Green Power. OPG is also directly targeting its Evergreen products at those large commercial and industrial electricity users who want to take an environmental leadership role by purchasing Green Power.   OPG, the largest Green Power producer in the province, will respond to customer demand for Green Power products. That’s why OPG established a new business unit in 2001, OPG Evergreen Energy, to quadruple the amount of OPG’s Green Power to 500 MW. That represents two percent of total capacity by 2005.       Energy generated by nuclear, hydroelectric, fossil and renewable sources feed Ontario’s electricity grid. Because of the way that electricity flows, a consumer of electricity cannot distinguish one source from another. In line with the market rules in Ontario, customers of environmentally friendly products contract with OPG for a defined amount of power from certified sources to be injected into the grid.   Because this power displaces energy that would have been produced from conventional sources supplying the Ontario market, there is a positive and measurable impact on the environment. The “green” electricity that flows from OPG into the grid will be tracked, monitored, verified, and audited, if necessary, by the Independent Electricity Market Operator.  
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