Ontario Power Generation, DynaMotive to Develop Green Power Projects

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and DynaMotive Energy Systems Corporation have entered a non-exclusive Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the development of EcoLogo-certified green power projects, using DynaMotive’s BioTherm process.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – August 28, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] OPG is the largest supplier of green power in Ontario, where the wholesale and retail electricity markets were opened to competition last May. OPG markets its green power under the Evergreen brand name directly to commercial and industrial customers and to energy retailers. The existing portfolio consists of wind, small hydro, biomass, and some solar. OPG is committed to growing the supply of green power in line with market demand. This MOU outlines opportunities for growing the portfolio of green power projects. DynaMotive’s patented fast pyrolysis system (BioTherm) converts biomass to liquid fuel (BioOil). Through the application of its technology, the company intends to tap into abundant organic resources that are generally discarded by the agricultural and forest industries at a cost, and economically convert them into renewable and environmental friendly fuels. Biomass examples include forestry residues such as wood and bark, and agricultural residues such as sugar cane bagasse, corn stover and wheat straw. DynaMotive has successfully converted each of these residues, which are available worldwide, into BioOil, making them a renewable and environmentally friendly energy source. (OTCB:DYMTE)
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