Ontario Considers Green Energy Act; BU Panel Discussion on Market Trends

Ontario has had its share of disagreements over the last two years. Ever since the province’s Standard Offer Program was implemented, regulators, politicians and renewable energy advocates have been quarreling over both the details of the program and the government’s long-term vision for renewables.

This week, with the introduction of the Green Energy Act, there seems to be an agreement among stakeholders that Ontario is moving toward a more stable, comprehensive renewable energy future. The next question is: Can these stakeholders agree on the details?

We’ll speak with the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association’s Kristopher Stevens about what the difficulties may be in hashing out the details of this wide-reaching piece of legislation.

Also, we’ll have some excerpts from a panel discussion held last week at Boston University on how the economic crisis is both hurting and helping renewable energy and energy efficiency. Stephen Lacey joined a group of other panelists to talk about how the industry is fairing in the current environment and what the economic stimulus package will do for the market.

This week’s podcast is supported by Solar Energy International, a non-profit organization offering hands-on workshops and training opportunities in solar, wind, water power and natural building technologies.

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