Ontario Adopts Feed-in Tariffs, UK Company Develops Solar Electric and Thermal Roof Tile

This week’s edition of “Inside Renewable Energy” offers an analysis, by way of example, of the effectiveness of feed-in style tariffs versus tax-based incentives. Melinda Zytaruk of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association tells us why Ontario’s new Standard Offer Contract, which allows all producers of renewable energy to sell electricity to the grid, will lead to more widespread use of renewable energy than would traditional tax-based policies. Smaller producers of power in Ontario who had been previously unable to take advantage of incentives will now have an opportunity to sell clean energy, says Zytaruk.

In our Tech Spotlight segment, Martin White of SolarCentury explains why the UK company has made the construction of “green” buildings in London a lot easier for builders. The company’s “Complete Solar Roof” is the first integrated solar electric/solar thermal product that can be installed like a regular roofing tile, says Martin. The ease of installation means that contractors will be more willing to embrace solar technology, says Martin. And as always, Inside Renewable Energy will bring you the latest renewable energy news.

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