Ongoing Challenges of Wind Power, Battle for Cape Wind, Solar LED Lighting

This week’s edition of “Inside Renewable Energy” investigates the status of wind power. We’ll hear from Tom Gray, Deputy Executive Director of the American Wind Energy Association on some of the problems that face the industry despite substantial worldwide growth in 2005. Gray debunks the backup-power myth and says the main obstacles in the U.S. are inadequate transmission infrastructure and lack of a long-term Production Tax Credit.

We’ll also check in with Jim Gordon, whose company, Energy Management Incorporated, has encountered numerous obstacles in trying to develop the Cape Wind project off the coast of Massachusetts. Gordon is convinced that the success or failure of Cape Wind will have a major impact on the future of off-shore wind power in the U.S. In his opinion, a small group of politically connected opponents are wielding undue influence in trying to block the project. This week’s podcast will introduce Business Profile, a look at renewable energy businesses and how they made their way into the marketplace. And as always, Inside Renewable Energy will bring you the latest renewable energy news.

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