Oil “Extraction Tax” Proposed for California Crude Producers, Wind Power 2006 Reflects a Rapidly Growing Industry

There has been extensive coverage of oil company profits recently, and equal coverage of skyrocketing prices at the pump. Less attention has been paid to specific proposals on how to redress the imbalance. In this week’s edition of “Inside Renewable Energy,” Julie Buckner of Californians For Clean Energy makes a case for the organization’s Clean Alternative Energy Initiative, which calls for an extraction tax of up to 6% on all crude oil produced in California. The tax revenue will be directed toward the further development of alternative fuels and alternative-fuel vehicles. California oil companies are calling the Initiative a punitive measure that panders to public sentiment.

Wind power has come a long way in recent years, especially in the U.S. Wind Power 2006, a trade show sponsored by the American Wind Energy Association, will reflect a rapidly evolving industry, says AWEA’s Steven Miner. The show, which will take place June 4-7 in Pittsburgh, PA, will be more multi-dimensional than ever, says Miner, and will include a strong international presence, new investors, and multiple presentations and exhibitions that address the supply side of the business. This week’s “Inside Renewable Energy” also offers the latest in renewable energy news.

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