Ohio Small Businesses Eligible to Go Green

For the first time ever, small business owners in communities in the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) territory soon will be eligible to be included in NOPEC’s money-saving electricity program to purchase less-polluting electricity from Green Mountain Energy Company.

EASTLAKE, Ohio – April 24, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] Beginning in September 2002, approximately 60,000 small commercial customers in NOPEC’s nearly 100 member communities will be able to receive electricity from Green Mountain Energy Company, NOPEC’s chosen electricity provider. Because of NOPEC’s aggregated buying power, the electricity would be purchased at a guaranteed savings of 3 percent off the utility standard rate on the generation portion of the bill. The savings would rise to 3.5 percent after two years. In addition, the businesses would be buying electricity that is 68 percent less-polluting than what most Ohioans currently are buying. Green Mountain Energy provides less-polluting electricity generated from sources including wind, solar, water, geothermal, biomass, and cleaner-burning natural gas. If half of the eligible businesses choose Green Mountain, they will prevent more than 31 thousand tons of carbon dioxide from entering the air each year. That is equivalent to not driving a car almost 70 million miles or not making the roundtrip from Cleveland to Columbus 240,000 times. Previously, only residential customers were eligible for the NOPEC/Green Mountain Energy Company program. Several hundred thousand residential customers are enrolled in that program, which began last year.
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