Odessa, Washington Closes Loop in Biodiesel Production

Green Star Products, Inc., (GSPI) announced that it has delivered its new high-speed Biodiesel Reactor and Control Module to the Odessa Public Development Authority (OPDA) in Odessa, Washington for use in a fully integrated biodiesel production facility.

GSPI will be delivering the balance of the biodiesel plant over the next four months to be operational in early 2008.

Joseph LaStella, President of GSPI, said, “The Odessa facility is a totally integrated biodiesel processing facility. It incorporates its own oil seed crushing and processing equipment, which can take locally grown oil seed and produce feed meal and biodiesel fuel.”

“All the other products and by-products can also be sold, either locally or nationally. The crushed canola meal can be used as cattle feed by regional dairies or feedlots,” said Michael Dunlap, Project Manager for the plant.

The initial production capacity will be 8,000,000 gallons of biodiesel per year. However, GSPI has already incorporated some of the equipment and engineering into the facility to double capacity to 16,000,000 gallons a year in order to accommodate increased production of canola and other feed stocks in the years to come.

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