Ocean Energy to be Deployed for Homeland Security

The wave energy device company Ocean Power Technologies (OPT), based in New Jersey, announced a contract this week for a project with the US Department of Homeland Security to provide remote, ocean-based power for vessel reconnaissance.

This initial contract is for the “design, analysis and planning related to ocean-based systems for the detection and tracking of sea-going vessels.” These systems will be designed to include a network of passive acoustic sensors and communications equipment, all powered by OPT’s PowerBuoy technology. OPT’s wave energy converter consists of a vertically oriented column or cylinder that absorbs the rising and falling motion of ocean waves to cause the buoy mechanics to move freely up and down. This movement in turn drives an electric generator that creates usable on-site power or power that can be cabled away to a nearby mainland location. In this application, the energy will power the acoustic sensor array technology. OPT said these units will be provided to OPT under a subcontract to Lockheed Martin Corporation, for integration with an optimized signal processing and communication system. A subsequent contract would include an ocean demonstration of a prototype system, leading to full commercialization of the distributed vessel detection system. George W. Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of the Company said the program is a vital part of overall border security. “Working with Lockheed Martin, we look to optimize and leverage existing ocean-tested technologies in the areas of power generation, sensor arrays and advanced communications platforms,” Taylor said. “This has important international security and safety applications, and we look forward to being an important contributor to this major program.”
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