NY Power Authority Implements Peak Load Management

July 8, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] The New York Power Authority has activated its Peak Load Management program (PLM) to help reduce power usage during peak-demand hours, which is expected to cut electricity use in New York City by more than 50,000 kW, an amount equivalent to the output of more than one small power plant. NYPA customers participating in PLM receive US$40 for each kW of electricity they commit to save when called on during the high-demand months, from June through September. The Power Authority may make such requests for up to 15 weekdays during those months, with the standard duration of the reductions lasting up to six hours. The participants achieve the power cutbacks by implementing energy-saving measures such as turning off or dimming non-essential lighting and adjusting air-conditioning settings, and using their own on-site generators.

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