Nurturing Clean Tech Companies in Austin, Texas; Supporting Renewables in the Farm Bill

Under the leadership of Mayor Will Wynn, Austin, Texas is working to become a destination for renewable energy companies and make itself the “clean energy capital of the world.” It’s going to take a lot of serious action for Austin to realize that goal, but officials there believe that they are on the right track. Set the goals, create the right incentives and the industry will flourish, says Joel Serface, Director of Austin’s Clean Energy Incubator.

Joel Serface joins us to talk about how the city’s efforts to lure developed and emerging clean energy companies to the area will be an economic boon to Austin and the entire state of Texas.

Also in the podcast: Andy Olsen, Senior Policy Advocate for the Environmental Law and Policy Center tells us why the bill’s renewable energy title is so important for rural development of wind, solar and next-generation biofuels.

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