Nova Scotia Gains More Wind Power

Three wind turbines under construction on a flat top mountain in Nova Scotia called Higgins Mountain, in Cumberland County, will add another 3.6 megawatts (MW) of capacity to the province’s electricity system due to a partnership between Nova Scotia Power and Vector Wind Energy Inc.

The turbines, each with a capacity of 1.2 MW, stand on 69-meter towers and once completed they will be connected directly into the distribution lines. “Vector Wind Energy is a successful wind developer in Nova Scotia, with its first turbine in Springhill supplying energy to customers for close to a year now,” said Ralph Tedesco President and CEO of Nova Scotia Power. “Projects such as the one we’re visiting today at Higgins Mountain will continue to put Nova Scotia on the map as a leader in wind power in Atlantic Canada.” In all, Vector Wind Energy is constructing five turbines in Nova Scotia. A second turbine in Springhill will be producing electricity in about two weeks. The company is building and managing the turbines on behalf of First Asset Funds. “We have been working with Nova Scotia Power for more than two years now,” said Brian Barr, President of Vector Wind Energy. “We believed in these projects and it is very satisfying seeing them take shape, and make a difference in Nova Scotia.” More than 10 percent of Nova Scotia Power’s electricity comes from renewable sources, such as hydro, wind and biomass. Nova Scotia currently has 28 wind turbines with the capacity to generate more than 42 MW of electricity. By the end of the year that amount will be close to 60 MW.


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