Nordex to Supply Multi-MW Wind Turbines to Ireland

Nordex AG has received a contract worth about Euro 20 million [US$ 25.4 million] from Ireland to supply nine N90/2500 turbines to County Limerick in July 2007. The nine multi-megawatt Nordex turbines are to be deployed at the Knockawarriga wind farm.

On an elevated plateau near Newcastle West, with average wind speeds of greater than 8.0 m/s prevail at a tower height of 75 meters, ideal conditions for the 90-meter rotors fitted to the turbines. The customer is the SWS (South Western Services) Group, whose Natural Resources division is a leader in renewable energy development in Ireland. In addition to CHP stations, biomass and waste-to-energy systems, the Group is also concentrating on wind farms. Nordex had previously assembled wind farms in Ireland in 2003 and 2004 including ten N80/2500 turbines. To date, it has installed around 280 N80/N90 turbines around the world. The Republic of Ireland has extensive plans for encouraging the use of renewable energies, which will contribute 13.2% to the total electricity production by 2010. As part of these efforts, the installed wind turbine capacity is to roughly double to around 1,000 megawatts (MW). To achieve this, a new feed-in tariff system for electricity produced from renewable sources came into effect in June 2006. Under these new arrangements, wind farm operators will receive a fixed rate of up to 5.9 euro-cents per kilowatt/hour for a period of 15 years. As early as in March, the Commission for Energy Regulation offered 1,000 MW of new grid capacity under the Gate 2 renewable connection process.
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