Nonprofit’s Carbon Offsets Support Wind Power

[], a nonprofit organization that supports renewable energy to stop the threat of climate change, announced its support for the Rosebud Sioux wind energy project on Native American soil in South Dakota. Carbonfund supporters, which include individuals and businesses who have offset their climate impact, are supporting the development of wind energy in America’s heartland and on Native American soil. Carbonfund is a simple concept. People and businesses impact climate change when they use electricity from coal-fired power plants, natural gas and oil to heat their homes and offices, and car and air travel. Carbonfund makes it simple for anyone to calculate their total ‘carbon footprint’. Supporters then make tax-deductible donations to Carbonfund to offset their carbon footprint by supporting climate-friendly projects, such as wind energy, in other locations, where it is cheaper. Supporters receive certificates that highlight their donation and updates on the projects they are supporting. Carbonfund is also supporting wind energy projects in Kansas, landfill-methane recovery in California and reforestation in Montana and Arkansas.
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