Nigeria Plans Renewable Energy Future

The recently launched Nigerian Renewable Energy Master Plan (REMP), called “a visionary step in developing renewable energy sources in Nigeria” by the Council for Renewable Energy in Nigeria (CREN), commits Nigeria to development of renewable energy resources, all of which take advantage of Nigeria’s abundant natural resources.

REMP includes short-, medium- and long-term targets, planned activities and strategies for a comprehensive renewable energy development strategy, successful implementation of which will result in the installation of 2,945 MW of wind, solar PV, solar thermal, small-scale hydro and biomass by 2025 — roughly equivalent to the entire capacity used in Nigeria today. Currently, 50% of Nigeria’s energy consumption is fuel wood. “The Council for Renewable Energy in Nigeria congratulates the Federal Government in creating this vision and looks forward to working with all Nigerians to put this plan into action,” commended Odigha Odigha, CREN National Coordinator. Renewable energy has the potential to contribute to a stronger economy in Nigeria: both in the 500,000 jobs targeted in the next 10 years and in addressing the estimated US$1 billion a year that Nigerian business currently loses due to an unstable power supply.
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