NH Governor Signs Renewable Energy Act

On May 11, Gov. Lynch signed the Renewable Energy Act, which is a key step in moving New Hampshire closer to reaching the goal of ensuring that 25 percent of New Hampshire’s energy comes from renewable sources by 2025.

“With this law, New Hampshire is poised to help lead the nation toward a cleaner, more independent energy future. The Renewable Energy Act will encourage investment in energy production in New Hampshire that will deliver economic and environmental benefits to the state and the region,” Gov. Lynch said, as well as helping to stem global warming. Increasing renewable energy will increase New Hampshire and the nation’s energy independence, lessening the need for foreign oil and for expensive natural gas. A study by the University of New Hampshire estimated that by reducing natural gas consumption this law could help reduce total electric costs in New Hampshire by $5.6 million in 2025. And over time it could bring $16 million of new investment incentives to create new renewable generation in New Hampshire. Right now the average wage for a job in a renewable energy facility in New Hampshire is $65,979, compared to the average wage of $39,794. UNH estimates that by 2025, renewable energy will create 1,100 new jobs in New Hampshire. “Passage of the Renewable Energy Act moves New Hampshire toward clean, sustainable and renewable energy sources. If we want to secure a more stable, cleaner electricity supply for future generations, the time to act is now — and that is exactly what we are doing,” Gov. Lynch said.
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