New Zealand’s Tidal Energy Potential

November 14, 2003 [] A single tidal turbine 10 meters in diameter in the New Zealand’s Cook Strait Tory Channel could generate enough electricity to power 12 homes, said the country’s National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research (NIWA) scientist Derek Goring. NIWA has calculated the anticipated tidal currents in Tory Channel from 2001 to 2100 and used this to work out the average power and daily energy outputs for a single generator in the Channel. “Tidal currents are a natural and renewable source of energy that’s reliable and predictable,” Goring said. “We can predict the tide hundreds of years ahead because it’s controlled by astronomical forces, and there’s no problem with lack of wind or rain or with fluctuations in El Nino or La Nina cycles. Goring said that Tidal power could be one way to help solve what he termed as the country’s “power shortage.” He said that New Zealand has many good tidal power locations, including several parts of Cook Strait and harbor mouths. These harbor mouths in particular, he said, have enormous potential tidal energy.
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