New Zealand Learns to Like Ethanol

September 7, 2004 [] Ethanol production is a steady commodity at the New Zealand dairy company Fonterra, but until now the only ethanol buyers have been medical or methylated spirits companies. Fonterra produces ethanol from the whey left behind during the manufacture of dairy proteins, and the company would like to expand their ethanol market to include vehicle companies. For the last month, Darrell Paterson, who is the transport depot manager at the dairy producer, runs his 1.8 liter Hyundai on a petrol and ethanol mixture blended by the petrol company Gull. If Fonterra can expand ethanol use for its own vehicle fleet, there is a chance that the company would be the first to bring the alternative fuel to New Zealand. Potential for commercial sales is limited, however, because the fuel blend isn’t available at any public gas stations.
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