New Yorkers Seek ‘Local Solutions to the Energy Dilemma’

The Five Boroughs Institute, Local Energy Solutions LLC, and Peak Oil NYC will host a conference to discuss impacts of fuel depletion and what to do about it. More than 40 leading experts in energy, agriculture, economics, engineering, geology, politics, and sustainability will gather April 27-29, 2006 in two locations in the heart of midtown Manhattan.

“Local Solutions to the Energy Dilemma” is intended to increase public awareness and to encourage strategic planning to adapt to permanently increasing energy prices. Panels at the conference will address transportation, energy efficient buildings, onsite small wind and solar, the potential of renewable energy and expansion of regional agriculture. Highlights will include Steven Strong’s presentation “Sunlight is Life” and a screening of “The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil,” an inspiring documentary about how the Cuban people responded to a national energy crisis. Admission to the conference is available for one, two and three days, and offers professional, low-income, student and group rates. Conference information, registration and the report, which quotes many of the experts who will be at the conference, are all available at one of the two websites below.
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