New York Green Bank 4Q16 Report Highlights Commitment to Solar in New York

On Feb. 15, the New York Green Bank (NYGB) released its 4Q16 report, which highlights the state’s commitment to expanding solar in New York. NYGB’s mission is to accelerate clean energy deployment in New York by working in collaboration with the private sector to transform financing markets. Since inception, the NYGB has received $1.8 billion in investment proposals and maintains an active pipeline of projects proceed to close of approximately $600 million as of December 2016.

New York Green Bank 4Q16 Solar Updates

The 4Q16 report included several important updates related to the state’s progress in expanding solar:

  • The bank’s active pipeline of $600 million consists of over 30 percent solar, more than energy efficiency, wind or bioenergy (see chart below)
  • The bank closed six transactions in 4Q16, including two with residential solar installer SolarCity:
    • Dec. 30 — $20 million commitment to SolarCity’s existing Revolving Credit Facility to build new solar projects, of which a significant portion will be within New York
    • Dec. 9 — $30 million commitment to upsize a SolarCity senior secured term loan facility that was expanded to add new solar assets

The 4Q16 commitments add to the bank’s existing commitments to residential solar including:

  • August 2016 — $37.5 million commitment to Vivint Solar
  • August 2016 — $25 million commitment to Sunrun
  • September 2015 — $25 million commitment to Level Solar
  • August 2016 — $50 million commitment to Mosaic Solar

The large commitment to Mosaic (vs. Vivint and Sunrun which generate most of their business through leases or PPAs), demonstrates the increasing trend of consumers choosing to buy versus lease solar panels.

Residential Solar in New York

The NYGB’s commitment to solar provided a healthy boost to the residential solar market in 2016.  Based on our analysis of NYSERDA data, residential solar in New York continued to grow in 2016 (albeit at a slower rate than in 2015) and reached an estimated size of over $600 million. Large national solar companies continue to be active in the state, with Sunrun recently announcing a partnership with National Grid to expand solar in NY.

Solar Progress in All New York Regions

In late 2016, Mayor de Blasio announced that solar power in New York City has nearly quadrupled since he took office, increasing from 25 MW to 96 MW with cumulative solar installations reaching 8,000. New York City has increased the targets to 1,000 MW by 2030.  Our analysts mapped the over 6,000 solar building permits (2013 – 2017) from the NYC Buildings department to see what New York City illuminated by solar looks like:

This article was originally published by Sunvago and was republished with permission.

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