New World Bioenergy Association Formed

Aiming to be the global voice for bioenergy and to promote the use of biomass in a sustainable and economical way, the World Bioenergy Association (WBA) has been formed.

Douglas Bradley, President of the Canadian Bioenergy Association (CANBIO) was appointed to represent Canada as a Board Member. Other intended members include the U.S., Australia, Japan, India, Brazil, Sweden and other EU countries.

“Finding the best paths for sustainable biomass use is a global challenge, requiring global solutions,” Bradley said. “But the bioenergy industry is fragmented compared to other renewables such as wind and solar power; biomass ranges from animal waste to leftover wood, and end uses range from heat and power to renewable products that can replace synthetic chemicals and plastics…For bioenergy to take off, we need to speak with one voice — this is what the World Bioenergy Association is all about.”

The organization will also promote trade with biofuels and biomass, standardization of fuels, technical development and research. The WBA plans to help to develop certification systems to ensure that bioenergy is produced in an environmentally-friendly way, and under acceptable working conditions.

“Up to now there hasn’t been any organization for the bioenergy business on the global level,” said Kent Nyström, President of the Swedish Biomass Association and Chair of the WBA. “Bioenergy use can and should be increased in a sustainable way in light of high prices of fossil fuels and their environmental impact on the climate, and by representing bioenergy producers worldwide, WBA can help.”

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