New Technology Allows Diesel Engines to use Modified Fuel

Emission Controls Corp. has signed a licensing agreement with Black Gold Fuel Management Systems, Inc. (BGFS) for the right to market and manufacture the Fuel Management Filtration System (FMS) in Mexico.

BLAINE, Washington – May 9, 2002 [] The FMS is a product that ECC has been pursuing for application to diesel-powered electrical generators in Mexico. The FMS reduces fuel consumption and cost and provides for alternative fuel sources while significantly reducing emissions that are harmful to the environment. The FMS technology is designed for use on diesel engines. Use of the FMS allows diesel engines to run on less expensive alternative fuels, such as used motor oils, cooking oil, oils from several agricultural products (peanut, soy, corn, olive, sunflower, vegetable), kerosene, hydrogen, methanol, ethanol, hydraulic fluids, #1 and #2 diesel, propane and natural gas. Environmentally safe disposal of waste oil is an increasing worldwide problem. Prior to the FMS, use of waste oil as fuel presented serious environmental risks due to the various contaminants that it contains. Now with the FMS, waste oil can be safely used as a fuel source for diesel engines. Tests show that diesel engines experienced a 70 percent emissions reduction when converted to the FMS. Extensive tests on the FMS have been conducted to verify the performance, durability and environmental impacts. The FMS has been successfully demonstrated on six tractor-trailer units, pulling 80,000-pound loads. Over an eighteen-month period while driving a combined total of two million miles, the FMS performed without failure and showed that it significantly reduces costs, increases miles per gallon by 10 to 18 percent, reduces maintenance costs and promotes longer engine life, all the while significantly decreasing emissions. It is anticipated that all of the above will be enhanced considerably when the FMS is used on a stationary diesel powered electrical generator. The FMS is ready for immediate application. ECC plans to concentrate on marketing the FMS for use on diesel electrical generating equipment in Mexico. It is estimated that 85 percent of Mexico’s power is generated by stationary diesel engines. ECC is in the process of structuring a payment schedule on a per kilowatt-hour basis. Representatives of ECC have visited Mexico and discussed the possible implementation of products to help reduce emissions and promote fuel economy on their diesel generators.
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