New Solar Industry Trade Group Launches

As the renewable energy industry convenes in Las Vegas for the PowerGen Renewable Energy Conference, a team of solar experts and leaders have chosen the high-profile event to launch a new solar industry trade group aimed particularly at pushing policy initiatives at the state level.

The Americans for Solar Power-PV Manufacturers Alliance (ASPv-PVMA) intends to “establish thriving, sustainable mainstream markets for cost-effective distributed solar power, through policy and regulatory initiatives that lead to robust market growth.” Based in Arizona, ASPv-PVMA, is lead by Glenn Hamer, the former Executive Director of the Solar Energy Industries Association. The organization intends to achieve an annual 1 GW market for distributed solar electricity by 2010. “ASPv-PVMA will provide expert analysis to help the states take advantage of their solar resources, while mobilizing the American people to embrace solar energy,” Hamer said. “Within 10 years I am confident that every electricity customer in the United States, whether residential, commercial, or governmental, will have access to cost effective solar electric power.” The U.S. solar electricity market is at an important juncture and poised for even greater growth. The Governor of California is leading a campaign to generate 3 GW of solar electricity in the state by 2017. The Northeastern states of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania are refining important solar initiatives. The Western Governors Association – covering 18 states – is committed to developing 30 GW of clean energy by 2015 in a program that could lead to major expansion of PV in its member states, and is now building state initiatives in Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico. A federal energy bill with solar-related provisions is also a possibility. ASPv is bringing together the nation’s foremost leaders, experts, and advocates with a background in PV, including former U.S. Congressman Matt Salmon, former California Senate Republican Leader Jim Brulte, leading energy economist Shirley Neff, clean energy lobbyist V. John White, and former CAL-SEIA executive director Jan McFarland. (For the full team, see the link below) For 2005, ASPv-PVMA will focus on California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Million Solar Roofs program; the North East PV cluster, led by New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York; the Western Governors Association’s 30 GW Clean Energy Initiative; revisions to the Arizona Environmental Portfolio Standard; the Texas revision to its Renewables Portfolio Standard; and the implementation of the solar portion of the Colorado RPS. Additionally, it will provide analytical support for legislation advancing in Nevada, New Mexico and Hawaii. Finally, the group will leverage the pending federal energy bill to help states achieve their solar objectives. ASPv-PVMA’s founding companies include American Solar Electric Inc., BP Solar, First Solar, Kyocera Solar, Sanyo Energy, and Sun Power and Geothermal.


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