New Solar Hybrid Technology to Produce Drinking Water

Using a solar hybrid technology, the final development of a process that can generate drinking water from the atmosphere will be presented on October 4 and 5, 2006, during a 2-day symposium in Frankfurt that will include speakers from UNO, development aid organizations and banks.

The presentation is hoped to encourage global production, attract funding, and be that much closer to providing access to clean drinking water and electricity for half of the billion people who live in Third World countries by 2015. Mr. Dipl-Ing. Ingo Herr, of Schoemberg, Germany, and an Austrian engineer, Leopold Ritter, have developed the Compact Container Unit, designed to produce clean drinking water from the atmosphere using a Hygroextractor. The protected system for production and purifying water with an integrated power station suitable for small villages is named AguaSolara and uses only sources of renewable energy, namely solar radiation and biogas from biomass. It is said to have no running cost to generate drinking water and to realize basic infrastructure by using energy from photovoltaic and biogas. For information on the symposium, “Global Development – Business for Future. Renewable Energies – Solar Power and Biogas,” use second link below.
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