New Report Projects $50 Billion in Renewable Energy Investment by 2011

A new report available from Packaged Facts says that anticipated investment in renewable energy projects market could skyrocket to nearly $50 billion by 2011.

Report projections are based on key assumptions, including oil prices continuing to rise; RE prices continuing to fall; government intervention in markets being viewed favorably; and increasing unease with the nation’s current energy situation leading to more exposure for RE potential. U.S. investments in RE are following on the heels of an upward global trend, coupled with growing recognition of the volatility of traditional energy markets.

“This is the first study to demystify the financial complexities surrounding this rapidly evolving market. It clearly explains the new investment architecture taking shape to support RE, involving a blending of venture capital and private equity firms, banks, brokers, funds, corporations, and governments. And it explores the new financial vehicles created to fund RE development, including power purchase agreements, RE credits, and potential carbon markets,” said Tatjana Meerman, the publisher of Packaged Facts. “We expect market momentum should escalate to where we’re seeing double-digit annual growth rates over the next several years.”

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