New Renewable Fuel Source Could Replace Diesel

Natchez, Mississippi [] U.S. Sustainable Energy (USSE) Corp. launched its new organic-based biofuel, discovered during research into the creation of alternative fuel sources from waste biomass. The patent-pending biofuel has been tested by independent labs, and could be a 100% renewable fuel source able to replace diesel fuel. Referenced internally as SoyMazia 128, it has a heating value of 128,000 BTU per gallon and costs less than fifty cents per gallon to produce. It remains fluid and flowing at temperatures down to -90 degrees Fahrenheit. The technology used to break down the vegetable feedstock and extract the most energy possible, causes nearly 100 percent of the feedstock to result in three usable products: liquid biofuel, carbon ash, and biogas. The carbon ash is a natural fertilizer containing nitrogen, potash, and orthophosphate, and the biogas can provide 100 percent of the power needed to operate and maintain the USSE manufacturing facility.
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