New Renewable Energy Projects for Michigan Utility

Renewable energy developers have provided a strong response to Consumers Energy’s request for proposals for Michigan-based projects. Consumers Energy received 26 proposals involving 22 projects, representing more capacity than the 265,000 megawatt-hours of renewable energy sought in a competitive bid process, in accord with a recent order by the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) approving the renewable energy program. Renewable energy projects proposed by developers include facilities expected to be located in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula that would generate electricity using landfill gas, hydro, waste wood, wind and biomass as fuels. Consumers Energy will follow guidelines established by the MPSC as part of the next steps for this program. This includes careful evaluation of the proposed projects, negotiation of contracts with projects selected, and subsequent submittal to the MPSC of the final projects and contracts. The contracted projects ultimately could increase the amount of renewable energy purchased by Consumers Energy by about 25 percent. Currently, approximately five percent of the electric capacity generated or purchased by the utility comes from renewable energy sources.
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