New Owner for Kentucky “Super Ethanol” Plants

Green Star Products has purchased a 60 percent interest in two new commercial size “super ethanol” plants in Kentucky from Millennium Fuels USA. The purchase agreement also includes the acquisition of 100 percent of the intellectual property to produce the product.

San Diego, California – November 6, 2002 [] “Super ethanol” is covered by three patents that describe the process to form a new blend that increases ethanol octane. Presently, California is resisting the introduction of ethanol into gasoline, which has caused conflict between the Federal government and the state of California. GSPI’s “super ethanol” has a much higher octane rating than regular ethanol, this would allow for a wider acceptance of ethanol by the consumer by reducing the percentage requirement in gasoline blends by 30 percent, said the company. Both plants have been designed with a dual operating function that also allows them to be used to upgrade low octane gasoline to a consumer grade. GSPI also purchased a 35 percent interest in American Bio-Fuels in August of this year, which is a member of the National Biodiesel Board and presently has the only continuous flow production plant in the United States to produce EPA (ASTM) specification grade biodiesel. Presently, there is a tremendous effort in the U.S. and internationally to move away from the unstable petroleum fuel market and toward renewable domestically produced biofuels and a sustainable development economy, said GSPI. The Energy Bill and the Farm Bill now being drafted by Congress contain many incentives to expand biofuel production and use in the USA. Both bills are receiving bi-partisan support, said GSPI. The cost of petroleum fuels has been increasing and the cost of biofuel production has been decreasing due to technology advances and economies of scale in production, said the company.
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