New On-Site BioGas Generation

U.S. Energy Systems, a provider of customer-focused energy solutions, commissioned an on-site energy supply to Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corporation’s facility in Suffolk, Virginia.

White Plains, New York – January 28, 2003 [] Under an agreement, US Energy Biogas Corp. (US Biogas), a subsidiary of US Energy Systems, will provide long-term energy supply to Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corporation’s Suffolk, Virginia facility, from recently completed capital improvements at US Biogas’ adjacent facility. “The agreement will enable Ciba Specialty Chemicals to reduce energy costs and improve supply reliability by switching to energy provided by U.S. Biogas’ local Suffolk plant,” said Goran Mornhed, CEO of U.S. Energy Systems. “In addition to its financial benefits, the project will help to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions at U.S. Biogas’ plant as well as at the Ciba facility. This expansion represents organic growth in energy outsourcing with a focus on industrial and other large retail energy end users.” Ciba Specialty Chemicals’ Suffolk site produces products that help its customers efficiently manage water usage through advanced water treatment products, process efficiencies and services for industrial and municipal markets. Additional energy supply opportunities are currently being evaluated to support the facility needs at Ciba Specialty Chemicals’ Suffolk, Virginia facility.
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