New Ocean Energy Web Site

Practical Ocean Energy Management Systems, Inc. (POEMS) has launched a new Web site where it provides an informative one-stop site for the general public as well as ocean-oriented businesses looking for large-scale, yet practical Renewable Energy solutions.

SAN DIEGO, California 2002-03-21 [] “We are fortunate to have an energetic core team and a growing team of funders, supporters and helpers, including direct access to over 500 man-years of ocean technology experience,” said new POEMS CEO Ann Marie Harmony. Practical Ocean Energy Management Systems, Inc., a nonprofit, is organized to educate the general public on the importance of developing ocean energy (e.g. wave, tidal, current, thermocline) as an environmentally clean, renewable resource and to provide education, scientific and charitable assistance to ocean energy technology developers. Since some devices are designed to be installed onshore and near shore as well as offshore, POEMS will also support research and development of green coastal management practices. POEMS focuses on making it practical for California and other coastal regions to tap the abundant Renewable Energy resource of the oceans. Benefits of ocean energy include: low-cost, Renewable Energy, displacing polluting fossil/nuclear fuels, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions; improved energy security and adequate energy and electricity, particularly in geographically isolated locations.
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