New Name, New World

There’s a time for everything, and sometimes it just seems, no matter how much more time you’d like to plan, the time is now! This is one of those times.

As of February 19, became It will make our “World’s #1 Renewable Energy Portal” even bigger and stronger than ever.

Some quick background.

In late 2007, when REA established its joint venture with PennWell, a worldwide publisher/producer of both Renewable Energy World Magazine and the trade shows Power Gen Renewable Energy & Fuels for North America and Europe (and 27 other energy-related publications), we discussed that it might be a good idea to create a single, worldwide brand. A new brand would serve our customers better by creating one stop for all of their renewable energy needs and create a unified, single identifiable brand that would communicate clearly our leadership position in our new information economy.

And perhaps most importantly, the strength of the single brand would help level the communications playing field among the traditional energies and give renewable energy even more power as it emerges toward the future of energy worldwide.

Well, PennWell listened, and we concurred.  And since the best time to rebrand a trade event is at the current show, during this week’s Power Gen Renewable Energy & Fuels expo, attendees will also be introduced by PennWell to next year’s Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo – North America.

So, we decided that now is a good time for us to play along as well.  And now that the initial shock and huge workload of conversion from to is nearly over, we’re glad we did it and hope you will be too. What a difference six little letters can make!

So, the old will rebrand to, and Renewable Energy World, the print publication, will officially add “Magazine” to its minor brand revision. Later this summer, Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo – Europe will also be re-introduced. Our online version will also incorporate the Magazine’s former website, which you can now access from our main navigation.

Functionally, your Favorites, Bookmarks — or personalized HOME page for our most dedicated readers — will redirect for now, but you might as well get with the program and change over to We did.

As always, we thank you for being with us. We wholeheartedly welcome you to our new family brand, and hope that you will find, as we anticipated, that it will serve you AND renewable energy very well in the years ahead.

Jim Callihan
Co-Founder and President

Oliver Strube
Co-Founder and Publisher

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